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Welcome to Gold cap Goods! This website is designed to explore the vast realm of human creativity. Here at Gold Cap Goods, we hand craft works of fine art that are meant to be interfaced with in the real, physical world. After assembling analog art, the art is magically transformed into a digital format, and compressed onto custom wares for consumer enjoyment. This is the dance of the new analog digital hybrid frontier.

Artist and entrepreneur; Louis Goldwater creates works of fine art that are meant to encourage the viewer to think and explore their own divinity. The analog variants of the art inspire the viewers to actually feel the art by using mediums like high-grit sandpaper. He also encourages viewers to see themselves within the art work by incorporating reflective materials in the analog canvases. The digital iterations of the work are meant to be consumed at scale. The artist uses sacred geometry, repetition, and gestalt principles to encourage the viewer to see large scale patterns among the entire series.

Zen and the Art of Getting Rich explores the concept of value and worth in the twenty-first century. At this moment in time, 92-93% of money is digital. Our entire financial system is derived from numbers on a screen, pixels on a screen. Screens that are designed in California. Screens that are produced in in Asia. Screens that reflect tiny particles of light into our retinas. These beams of light influence our sense of value, our sense of worth, our sense of belonging.


      Zen and the Art of Getting Rich is about questioning these concepts.

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